UnEarthed, by Rebecca Bloomer: Review

Mars. Scientists and film makers can’t leave the red planet alone. Explorers played by Val Kilmer and Matt Damon have been cinematically abandoned there. Real billionaires are now selling one way tickets for the voyage of dubious value. It’s because we have all, at least once, imagined ourselves in some way being able to live on the red planet under that big protective bubble, protected by every kind of engineering wonder.

20171028_134155~2But have we actually thought about how precious the water will be? How short your shower is going to be? The sort of food you will have to force down? Have we thought about what to wear, how schooling would work, the taxes, the politics? Just what would life be like under the dome?

It’s one thing for Mars newbie Jodi Scarfield to hack the home computer to get more than five minutes of water in the shower. It’s another to reveal her skills to new and beautiful he shower. It’s another when she naively reveal her computing skills to new and beautiful friends – friends too charming, perhaps, far too friendly – who may have plans she cannot even begin to grasp.

A breathless adventure that is grounded (yes, grounded- there’s gravity under that dome) in a plethora of fascinating insights into interplanetary life.

Publisher Odyssey Books. Also available at Bookdepository.com 

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