Starchild: The Age of Akra, by Vacen Taylor: Review

Here is a review by Mark:
Starchild: The Age of Akra (Starchild, #1)
by Vacen Taylor

Publisher: Odyssey Books.

Soon after we start following Mai on her quest to the Valley of a Thousand Thoughts, we come upon a terrifying sandgroper, a mountain lair and a spider-flax – not just any spider-flax, mind you, but one that must be milked by perhaps the most annoying brother who ever had to accompany a girl on a pilgrimage. Although, it was hardly Long’s fault that his little sister got selected by the Elders for this journey. And his reluctance to approach the spider-flax seemed an entirely reasonable response to me. (What is a spider-flax? The book’s glossary of this world’s creatures, human and otherwise, nearly all of them dangerous, will tell you.)

What brother wouldn’t be suspicious of Akra, the strange boy who Mai and Long stumble across. Will Mai and Long have to rely on Akra, even though his uncontrolled powers seem to bring about one predicament after another?
An adventure full of strangeness and perils- and this is just the beginning!

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