Review of: The Mirror Image of Sound, by Dan Djurdjevic

The Mirror Image of Sound” takes us into a black comedy of a disintegrating personality.

We follow Dan, the hapless hero, through his ghastly days with the boss from hell, the friend from purgatory and the wife from nightmares.

Only Dan’s Uncle Frank seems to care about him. But when Frank suddenly dies, Dan finds himself being manipulated from beyond the grave. Exhausted by the demands on him, Dan wrestles with mounting debt, the scorn of his relatives, a mystery basement filled by sound equipment with peculiar instructions, and the curious case of Bugsy, the droopy-eyed cat, who simply vanishes.

If only Dan could vanish too – to a whole new life: new house, new friends, new job, new love affair. Many of us have toyed with such a dream. But if you do create a new life, even a new self, you might also unleash new and drastic consequences of your actions. After all, do you know the extreme possibilities of your own personality? Really, do you?

This is a science-fiction tale that warps within inner space, the infinite space of Self. As you barrel through it, you will also find tips on how to totally destroy a lawn, how to create a band, how to make Balkan moussaka; and a homage to the music of The Hunters and Collectors.

The website has material on Dan Djurdevics other works. You can also find sound tracks and other extras to go with The Mirror Image of Sound.


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