The Herb Gardener, by Maris Morton: a review

Publisher: Odyssey Books

You’d not suspect from the quiet title of this apparent ‘romance’ the tension that pervades a deepening mystery.

  • The Herb Gardener

Joanna, a quiet young mother wounded by a past marriage, is willing to chance a new life with Chris, a farmer. But she’s naturally cautious. Chris’s reluctance to speak of his past concerns her. When a young man, Jesse, dies near the property, supposedly by natural causes, her doubts increase. Seemingly no-one in this small community is being completely honest. Joanna is keen to make new friends but has to step delicately among their alliances and frictions, all the while wondering if Jesse has been killed and who on earth would have cause to do it.

Twists in the plot continue to the last pages. They took me by surprise and I found them satisfying.


Published June 17th 2014  by Odyssey Books     

ISBN 1922200085   (ISBN13: 9781922200082)
Edition Language: English   Paperback, 270 pages