The Bearable Niceness of Tweeting

Do you tweet and twitter to other tweeple?

No? Go on, give it a go!

Like all social media, Twitter can be a frivolous time waster. It can also grant you huge reach. You might want that reach for a reason or just for fun. With a phone and a few gigs of data you can interact with the world.

I ‘tweet’ on books, teddy bears, writers, animal welfare, conservation, more teddy bears,  and the arts. I’ve been honoured to be acknowledged with more than 500 new mutual followers  a month.

(See @mawsonbear and @baffledbearbook )

 What do Tweeples really like?

What do all these strangers like about my stuff and what will they like about yours? I’ve given this thought and here is my list. You might be disappointed at its stunning lack of surprises.

Content. Provide your own content about your own interests. Your motorbike, your horse, your recipes, your hiking, your writing, your teddy bears, your garden, your bed-and-breakfast. It’s your Twitter feed. Be you.

Pictures. Add them often. Many people, I imagine, peek at their Twitter feed when they’re trapped in a grey work room in a grey city. Add splashes of colour to their day! Tip: Resize your photo to look its best on the feed. See Twitter Help for the best dimensions.

Recognition. ‘Like’ and ‘Re-tweet’. People love that you do.

Politeness. If someone gives you a good rap, notice it and say thanks.

 Interaction. ‘Mention’ and ‘reply’ and use the ‘Quote’ option. Add a comment, a word of praise. It will not be hard as there is a lot of cheering, informative, even beautiful material coming through all the time.

Teddy bears. Yes, an astonishing number of people like teddy bears. But of course!  (And cats. And dogs. And owls. And otters. And ….)

 Niceness. My Twitter experience has made me wonder if the world is crying out for simple niceness. And what a simple way to light-heartedly help spread it about.

So why not get in there and be part of a Nice-ness Revolution. You’ve nothing to lose but a gig of data.


In my next post I’ll talk of some mechanics of Twittering that have worked for me. Meanwhile, here’s my first tip to get you going.

Do unto others.

For each tweet of your own, Like and Retweet and Quote a dozen of other people’s tweets that complement the tenor of your own twitter feed. Have fun.

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