Build it and they will come: The Bearable Niceness of Twittering: 2

When you share with the world an interesting twitter feed, “they” will indeed come to look at it.

 And they will ‘Like’ it, ‘Re-Tweet’ it, ‘Mention’ it, and ‘Follow’ it.

Do the same for them (if you do in fact appreciate their posts). After a while you will be following, and being followed by, more and more people.


Eventually your ‘mutual follows’ can be with a surprising number of people. It can even get a bit crowded!

And so you all will prosper. Twitter is about sharing and liking each other’s stuff. (I first typed “Twitter manifests it’s optimal functionality when approached as a collaborative and interactive communication mechanism ..” But the bears fell asleep. Again. )



Your own Tweets.

Create some. Does that sound too obvious to say? Yet you will see that many people on Twitter are not original. They only re-tweet other people’s material. Re-tweeting is great –  it’s the biggest compliment you can pay to your followers – but do mix it up with your own content. Some of your own, some of theirs. Everyone benefits! 

 Your great Content.

You have interesting things to say and unique ways of saying them. You love taking photos or discussing art or showing people the stages of your drawings or the materials used in your needle-work or the results of your screen printing or carpentry or recipes or training your cat. (Hmmm. Are there ever any results to training your cat?).

Waiting and waiting to be discovered.

Listen to the quiet

 No longer need you pine for a major publisher to discover you. You can ‘publish’ your material and ideas to the world right now.

 Do it on any subject that you love. Your interest will shine through and some people will be intrigued. One person I follow simply posts covers of old books with remarks about them.  Someone else shows letterboxes. Yes, letterboxes.

 Our BeeBear demonstrates posing with a letterbox.


 You can also create ready-to-go tweets using services such as Canva. ( This is useful if you have an particular product to tweet about. It saves having to carefully compose the same tweet repeatedly. Mawson’s guardian makes some and they look like this.

 Example of a ready-to-go tweet



People will judge in an instant whether to follow you or not. They’ll take into account what is in your profile. Take some trouble over what it says and how it looks. For the header use an image resized to look its best (more on this below).

Taking some trouble to look one’s best is best



Please use them. Driving Twitter (or Facebook) without controlling your settings is like driving a car with no steering. If the settings look overwhelming then just adjust a couple of them at a time.

 Scotland the Brave demonstrates the perils of poor steering arrangements.



I ignored it for ages. Duh! It turns out that Instruction Manuals don’t really hurt.

 By using Twitters helpful ‘Help’, you can see how to make your original, intriguing posts look their best.

 In particular, “Help” tells the best SIZE for your images. Otherwise your followers will only see, for instance, grey squiggles and pinkish blobs instead of what you’d intended to be a fine portrait. Main rule: make the dimensions of your images one unit high for each two units across e.g. 200 pixels by 400 pixels. ( can help you to do this. They provide pre-sized templates). There are different rules for the profile.

You are at the Blob in Baffled Bear Books.

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