49 – Entente Cordiale

The Postal Adventures of Morris Mouse

Dear Lucy,

As I turned the page into April my diary was looking a tad spacious for the Easter period, but as luck would have it, a letter containing an invite from my friend Wilbur on the 4th soon filled my empty windows.

Wilbur lives in the grounds of a beautiful old estate, with a fine Georgian house full of art and antiquities.  The house and gardens are open to the public daily so it’s well known in the area.  Very little, conversely, is known of the equally impressive mouse estate built in the Victorian era and located just behind the pet cemetery of the big house.

After spending an interesting few days exploring both estates, Wilbur introduced me to his friends Palmerston, Gladstone and Clemie, who live in the kitchen gardens of the big estate.  Now, it’s somewhat unusual for mice to include chickens among their close circle of friends, since chickens have been…

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