A Good Reads review of Its a Bright World to Feel Lost In

Here is a review by Elizabeth: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2081016721

“Mawson Bear brings back fond memories of those childhood days when Teddy was an indispensable source of comfort. There are lots of warm fuzzies to look forward to in this heartwarming story, as Mawson Bear explores how to be the best bear he can for his owner. He worries when his special ‘Some One’ disappears and looks up the ‘McBearies Big Book of Words’ to help himself put words to his sorrow. The story is full of lovely lines like “You can hear all those things they don’t know how to say” and “That squeezy bit in the middle of a hug? That’s home.” All kinds of teddy bears feature in the photos throughout the story. A Sweet addition to any Bear Collection”.


Its A Bright World To Feel Lost In can be found at BookDepository and Abebook.com among others. Or ask your friendly book shop to order it in for you. A




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