Best Murder in Show: A Sophie Sayers Village Mystery, by Debbie Young: review

When the least-liked woman in Wendlebury Barrow collapses inside a headless Anne Boleyn costume while tied to the rail of a float in the village show, newcomer Sophie Sayers, like all the other villagers, accepts the verdict of death by natural causes.

She’s more consumed by doubts about how her great aunt May died: was she murdered by old neighbour Joshua who keeps appearing without warning in the garden? And what exactly are Hector the bookshop owner’s mysterious business activities?

“What had begun as a simple proposition – to live in a rent-free cottage, in a pleasant stable community while pursuing the writing ambitions that I’d held since childhood – now seemed fraught with traps, difficulties and dangers”.

By Chapter Four, I was so intrigued by a heroine who shops for “just the essentials” – shortbread, cake, chocolate, wine – at Carols’ alphabetical shop where you find the postcards by the plums and The Times by the turnips, that I had accidentally spoiled some pages with, umm, coffee stains.

SohieSayers 2305

Best Murder in Show by Debbie Young. Publisher Hawkesbury Press, April 2017. 
ISBN 10 1911223135 and ISBN13 9781911223139

But I had to read on, regardless of meal times. Who wouldn’t want to jump into the next chapters when they’re titled  “Reader, I Left Him”, “The Cream of the Bookshop”, “Writers Afloat”, or “Beware of the Wardrobe”.

By gifting us with Sophie Sayers and Wendlebury Barrow, Debbie Young entertains with barmy characters, blooming gardens, cliques within community groups, and dreams of romance in an apparently bachelor-free village .

Along the way readers are also treated with the perils of writer’s block (falling asleep in the garden, in Sophie’s case), fun with cliches, and joyous little book references such as when Hector gives Greene’s “Travels with my Aunt” to Sophie.

Debbie Young’s Best Murder in Show, and the next Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries, “Trick or Murder” and “Murder in a Manger”, are available everywhere including Book Depository.  But asking for them at your friendly local (or village) book shop would be most appropriate for a novel in which a very entrepreneurial book shop features prominently.  You can learn more about these titles and her short story collections at Debbie Young’s website.

Disclaimer by Mark, Mawson’s Guardian: I learnt about the Sophie Sayer’s Village Mysteries when asking if their author would perhaps review a book of mine. Unknown to her, this caught my eye, and it honestly isn’t my fault that enjoyed it and look forward to the next ones.

You are at Baffled Bear Books, the blog of Mark, guardian,chocolate-fetcher and blundering typist for Mawson Bear, Ponderer of Baffling Things and one of this bright world’s few published bears. Mawson is writer bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In.



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