Mawson Bear, A Pondering Author For Our Befuddled Times

Do you sometimes feel a bit muddled about, well, Things ?

Sometimes rather ruffled when Things just go and, well, Happen ?

Somewhat confused one moment and completely baffled the next?

Listen to the quiet

It’s not easy having to be sophisticated and industrious all day long. But in Mawson’s cosy world, the weary reader can flop down among the cushions and relax.

Here you can find the answers to just about nothing at all. You can forget you ever had questions anyway.


Mawson and his friends are befuddled about most things most of the time – just like so many of us.  And that’s all right.

You can hear more from Mawson at his own web-den

And on Twitter at @MawsonBear.

His first book, It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In is out now.


It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In” is a book about optimism, searching for new adventures and making the most of life and love’. Review on GoodReads by Debbie Young, author of the Sophie Sayer Mysteries. 

Our publisher is OdysseyBookswhich does fun and beautiful books with pictures for grownups.

You are at mark’s blog, Baffled Bear Books. Mark is guardian and hapless typist for Mawson Bear, Ponderer of Baffling Things and one of this bright world’s few published bears. Mawson is writer bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In.

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