The Limes upon the Cumquat Tree

And now for something different, Mawson’s Guardian brings you this lemon or, err, other sort of fruit, from his work in progress: “The Joy of Doggerel”.

The limes
Are nine
In number
On what was the cumquat tree.

Is it nature’s blunder
Or a horticultural wonder
That only limes fall under
This cumquat-less mystery?

No matter how we rooted it,
Repotted it,
Rebooted it,
When it rarely fruited it
Just offered us a lime.

It scorned the tricks we tried,
Displayed no species pride,
And every year it shied
From bearing us a cumquat.

An apocalyptic sign?
Or phenomenon benign?
On what once was a cumquat tree
The limes
Now number


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