Know Your Enemy, by Tasman Anderson

I approached Know Your Enemy with the mis-conception there would be misunderstandings between a couple of starry-eyed young people and that the whole tale  would all get neatly and happily sorted out.

Well, those illusions vanished faster than a stolen Porsche.


Nicole yearns to leave her dull town. During the uneasy weeks as she waits for her chance to enter university she tries shop lifting to lift her standing with friend Libby. She also hopes to fire up her reflection in Aiden’s amber eyes. When she’s pressured into something deeper, though, you fear this could go badly. But how badly, and for who? Someone is an enemy. Someone is lying. Twists and turns just draw you on as things get ever darker for Nicole.

Know Your Enemy, by Tasman Anderson can be found at and is published by , a source of other great YA books, Science fiction, Fantasy, Dystopian and other titles.

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