Safe Home, a Poem about teddy bears

You guard them as they laugh and grow,
Till, big and strong and brave,
They dash off to excitements,
Without a backward wave.

They plan, they build, they fill their world,
Till one hard night they yearn,
Quite suddenly,  to be safe home,
And softly they return.

They find a place long left behind,
And through a portal peer,
But now it’s strange and different,
And what they need’s not there.

Did someone go and move it,
When off they went to roam?
How could they go and lose it –
The certainty of Home?

But –
That place where all is simple,
Where all is true and dear,
That space they knew so long ago,
Is safe –
Inside Old Bear.

Bomund Spare room

A Humm by Mark, Mawson Bear’s Guardian.

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Emma of FNM Book Reviews said of  Bright World, “Comforting, like an old security blanket”.