The Ouroboros Key, by Patricia Leslie

The Ouroboros Key, published by Odyssey Books,  blends Sumerian mythology, esoteric Templar secrets,  and a detective story, all played out in the mountains of modern day Colorado.

Ouroboros lrg 2479

Before Dan Tenney can understand the strange dreams he’s had all his life, he’s attacked by an enigmatic group, the Brotherhood of the Grail.  When he is whisked away from them into and underground sanctuary by an even less explicable pair of men, he comes into the possession of what is apparently an ancient relic. His dreams get worse!

His friends search first for Dan, and then for the meaning behind the mystifying events they stumble upon. We readers learn the clues, the connections and the mythologies at the same pace as the band of searchers as they dodge murderous villains and attempt to pin down straight answers.  This is as much a story about these characters and their idiosyncrasies and relationships as it is about a myth-riddled artefact. I liked this approach, as the details and lore of each mystery never got too heavy, too scholarly. We learn, together with our little band, enough to get some sense of things, and then are on the way again, as the quest develops into a dangerous trek in the mountains.

This novel will especially suit those who love to delve into the mysteries of ancient myths and at the same time enjoy a good adventure – and isn’t that most of us?

Patricia Leslie gives more details about this, including how she came to write, and also her other books at

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