The Ballad of A Beagle Kind of Guy: A shelter dog tail

Gather round ye woofers,
For I’ve a waggish tale,
Of neglect, near-death and sadness,
And how kindness can prevail.

A winsome Beagle (Not Guy).

In the backwoods of Kentucky,
A forlorn dog was found.
No collar and no owner –
He fetched up in the pound.
Long days passed, he reached Death Row,
Would rescue come too late?
Kind Kentuckians scrambled
To avert his awful fate.
Now huge-hearted humans
(Their names we do not know),
Transported him in relays,
To far Ontario.
Though safe for now in Canada,
His fate hung in the air.
Dream Rescue sought his saviour,
But would anybody care?

Well, an actor chanced to visit,
Looking for a furry friend,
Whisked him Home, called him Guy –
And there my tale would end.

But that Beagle Guy’s own Meaghan,
By another love was won.
What would befall her woofer,
When a prince became her sun?

From the backwoods of Kentucky,
To Kensington Palais,
A once-abandoned beagle,
Has made his winsome way.
He bow-wows the Queen of England,
His steak’s the finest cut.
He embodies a grand story
Of Kindness, Hope – and Luck.

By Mark O’Dwyer, Guardian of Mawson Bear.

The full story with proper details is at the Face Book page for Dogs Dream Rescue in Oakville, Ontario.

You are at Mark’s blog called Baffled Bear Books. Mark is a dark coffee tragic and bibliophile as well as the Guardian and blundering typist for Mawson Bear, Ponderer of Baffling Things and one of this bright world’s few published bears.