Your Review Is Welcome In a Writer’s Neighbourhood

Each review is wanted,
Each review is good,
Your review is welcome
In a writer’s neighbourhood.

Over the past year I’ve asked book bloggers to consider reviewing ‘It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In‘.

Bloggers warn they get many requests and may not reply.  They get busy with kids, health, studies, life. These book bloggers get no money by the way and do it for love when they can.

Mawson posts BW square 2574
Mawson Bear posts off a copy of his book to a kind reviewer.

Besides bloggers, a dozen people, unasked and out of the blue troubled to post their thoughts. Others took the time to take pics of my book in their hands, or paws, and to post those pictures on their social media accounts, which is also great.

I thank you all. It is not just helpful and pleasing, friends, it is crucial.

It takes a lot of time away from writing to search for and ask these good people to help but it has to be done because without reviews a writer will sink into a terrible place called (shudder), Oblivion.

In these days of Amazonian style algorithms all recognition matters. A review, even a short one, placed on Amazon or on Goodreads or on Barnes and Noble or Chapters Indigo is excellent for writers.  Some reviews for ‘It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In‘ have been only a line or two.  If you are stuck for something to say, or the time to say it, it is also grand when you simply plonk a paw down on those star ratings. They all get counted by those algorithms.

Also, every Share on your social media helps a lot. Keep them coming and Mawson’s books, and the books of all writers, can bravely continue out into the wide bright world.

You have wandered into the blog by Mark, guardian and photographer for Mawson Bear, one of this bright world’s very few Writer-Bears. Mawson wrote It’s A Bright world To Feel Lost In.


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