You Can’t Go It Alone, by Jessie Cahalin

Jessie Cahalin’s delightful read gives us the ‘ordinary’ worry-wracked decisions and moments of joy in the everyday lives in the village of Delfryn. Each character tries hard to convince themselves they can handle their problems, but none seem able to really go it alone. Then, can any of us?

Jessie Cahalin 3074

Jim is haunted by the loss of his son and wife. Could the visits of little Daisy from next door who loves sunflowers spark new life in him? Daisy’s mother Ruby fears to reveal her illiteracy to her husband Dan, while he conceals from her the troubles of his business. Sophie and Jack, new arrivals in Delfryn, are desperately trying to conceive but unwilling to discuss the strain of the IVF procedures with Jack’s parents nor even with each other. And why have those parents visited in a manner completely out of character? The owners of the village cafe, Rosa and Matteo, at first seem an adoring couple but there seem to be tensions there.

As these people’s lives cross and connect they see where they can help one another and, as importantly, they learn how to accept it themselves.

In this story there occour no explosions, no murders, no car chases – well, apart from the camper van that hurtles toward a school bus. There are no vampires lurking in the woods or undead in the hills or villians plotting for world domination. We are treated instead, as the line on the cover says, to ‘Love, laughter, music and secrets’. I loved it all. Apparently this is the first in a projected series and I am certainly going to buy the next one.

Where to find You Can’t Go It Alone:, and and Amazon.

Jessie Cahalin’s fun website is called Books In My Handbag Blog, a must for everyone who loves reviews of books (and photos of handbags).

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