Your Review is Welcome in a Writer’s Neigbourhood

Each review is wanted,
Each review is good,
Your review is welcome
In a writer’s neighbourhood.

Reviews are essential for writers and their books. I have asked Book Bloggers to consider reviewing my books. A very helpful number have taken time out of their days to do so and to post their thoughts on their Blogs, on GoodReads, on Amazon, on Waterstones, Chapters Indigo, and Noble Bears – sorry – Barnes and Noble. These book bloggers get no money by the way and do these things for love when they can inbetween being busy with studies, kids, health, life. Yay! for book bloggers. Gotta love ’em.

Mawson posts BW square 2574
Mawson Bear posts off a copy of his book to a kind reviewer.

But YOU, valiant reader, yes, you can do reviews too!

Why your help matters:  In these days of (shudder) Algorithms all forms of recognition matter. They are all noted. They all add up.

YOUR REVIEW placed with your favourite retailer, perhaps Amazon or Goodreads or Barnes and Noble, matters so much that I would send every reviewer a block of chocolate* if I could, smudged by tears of gratitude. Your review not only tells other purchasers of Grand Books about (cough) mine, but they also jump up the rankings and the visibility and all that sort of thing.

It’s easy, really it is:  Some reviews kindly given for It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In have been only a line. Two lines. A few more lines.  Here are examples -real reviews actually on Amazon dot Com.


It’s fun to have a bash: If you are stuck for something to say, simply bash away on the star ratings. They all get counted by those (shudder) algorithms. Here Sir Scotland The Brave shows how to stab most valiantly at the ratings.

While there, you can also run your eye down the page to the reviews left by other fine people, and click on the  ‘Helpful’ or ‘Like’ buttons beneath them.

The awesome power of ‘playing’ on your device:  Every Share, Like and Mention on your social media helps; yes, the (shudder) alogorithms note it all.  Keep them coming and Mawson’s books, and the books of all writers, can bravely continue going out into the wide bright world.

*I was thinking 78% dark choc with hints macadamia and hints of chilli.

You have wandered into the blog by Mark, guardian and photographer for Mawson Bear, one of this bright world’s very few Writer-Bears. Mawson wrote She Ran Away From Love and It’s A Bright world To Feel Lost In.

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