A Bear Wouldn’t Do That. Oh, no, not these bears

Meet Professor Cadbeary (Caddy), and her friends Gustave and Bomund. These brave bears are prepared to read about some of the awful things that People do.

It’s a miserable job for any bear, but someone has to do it.

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Professor Cadbeary, Gustave and Bomund steel themselves to read the news.

Here at ‘A Bear Wouldn’t Do That’, our trio are bewildered that anyone would imprison refugee kids or pollute the ocean with plastics or heat it up until fellow bears have no ice floes and the dolphins are dying from the parasites multiplying inside them … among other awful things.

Most of the articles studied by Gustav, Prof Caddy and Bomund are published by the Australian Broadcasting Commission and The Guardian Australia, publications brave enough to report the unbearable.

In future posts Cadbeary,  Bomund and Gustav will highlight some of the things that bears would never do. And some things that are so good that bears would do them too.

This blog ‘ A Bear Wouldn’t Do That’ is by Mark O’Dwyer, Perth, Australia.  Mark would not do these things either.


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