A Bear Wouldn’t Do That: Plastics, Yuk.

Mawson’s Guardian says:

There are all kinds of things that your bear and mine would never do. Sadly, they are things that People do anyway.

Gustave Darkness 3 2704

Our Professor Cadbury Bear, Gustave and Bomund look at the news when no-one is looking. And too often the things they see are things they wish they hadn’t.

Here Professor Caddy stumbles on news about the Artic.

Prof Caddy Arctic 1 2646
Prof Caddy reading about marine life being killed by plastic pollution in the Artic

“That much plastic pollution? THAT much? Even in the Arctic?”


Prof Caddy arctic 2 2651
(News in ABC dot com.au by Anne Barker, updated 10 Feb 2018)

“Oh no. It’s really, really bad”.


Prof Caddy Arctic 3 2643

“We bears wouldn’t do that. We don’t even use plastic”.


 ‘ A Bear Wouldn’t Do That’ by Mark O’Dwyer. All sources are acknowledged.

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