Slow Life on Lady Elliot Island, Queensland, Australia

Hope you enjoyed reading of BeeBear’s adventurous journey to Lady Elliot Island. Here is the Post about it.

We settled into the simple cabin and stepped out on to our little veranda just twenty metres from the beach by the lagoon. The tide was half out. You can do guided reef walks at low tide. Snorkelling is only allowed at high tide.

Beach 5

Overhanging our veranda were our closest neighbours: just a few hundred or so of the thousands and thousands of quarreling birds here to nest in November. This kind of high density living would make anyone quarrelsome. Birds that usually nest in the sand have also taken to the trees due to lack of ground space, and every pandanus tree branch is weighed down with occupants. The noise is constant. The staff kindly leave ear plugs in the cabins so that people can sleep at night. More about the birds later.

Bird 16

What does everyone want to do on their first day on a tropical island? Explore! Strong shoes, hats, sunnies, water bottles- and we’re ready. Oops, nearly forgot the camera.

Although the island is tiny you can walk the whole way around and see only a few other people if any. There are at most 160 people staying and working here. This is done deliberately to keep down the impact of we humans on the wildlife.

Beach 1

Facing toward the mainland is a stretch of coarse sand, and here you can lurch along reasonably well, sinking into the whiteness.

Beach 4 Coconut

But long stretches are a difficult scramble between the sea and sharp coral on one side and lumpy rocks on the other. The coconut here was washed ashore from elsewhere. There are no coconut trees here.

Beach 2

Between the trees just up from the rocks and sand the nesting turtles were digging nesting holes at night. The staff teams go around each morning to count and inspect them.

Beach 9 Light 1

The lighthouse keepers were the island’s only occupants for many years. Of course, we also explored the lagoon by going out on a glass bottom boat and by reef walks and by snorkelling. More about that in future posts. But for now lets just try to ignore the raucous birds and loll about looking toward the sunset.

Beach 3 low tide

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