Fire Storms

Professor Cadbeary, Bomund and Gustave feel frightened just reading about it.

Bomund: So all that smoke, although we are far away is … ?

Cadbeary: It’s from all the big fires, yes.

Gustave: But couldn’t they have done something a lot time ago? So the fires did not get so big and fast now?

Cadbeary: Yes. But nothing was seriously done.

BBWDT Fire 157

Bomund: A bear would never Do Nothing At All. Not about about fires.

Gustave: We bears are terrified of fires.

More Things These Bears Would Not Do: Plastics, Yuk , Not These Bears, , Climate Change x 170.

You are in the blog of ” A Bear Wouldn’t Do That” by Mark O’Dwyer. Sources in this post are from the ABC and the Guardian Australia.

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