Bears in Fiordland, New Zealand

Ships Log kept by Captain Angus.
Star Date: Have no idea. Can’t see stars. Can’t see sky. It’s raining. Its always raining here. This doesn’t look like Madagascar.

I have bravely steered where no bear has ever gone before and still managed to stayed dry. My hat is soggy. My beautiful captains hat. Soggy. We searched for amazing views and astonishing scenery. In Madagascar . Getting to see a lot of rain instead. The charts those penguins gave me don’t seem to be correct. Perhaps a piece of paper that a chuckling penguin scrawled on with crayon is notcompletely reliable. What’s that? I can see something. Land ho!

Ships Log kept by Captain Angus.
Stardate: Still don’t know. Its been raining. Have reached Doubtful Sound. Possibly. Doubtful about it. Hard to see. Could be any old Sound. None of the pictures I ever saw of Madagascar looked like this. Where are the lemurs? Are we lost? We are cruising through the Sound, wherever it is. It’s still raining.

Captain Angus Ships Log: Star date- still no idea. It’s been raining. Have steered away from Doubtful Sound. If it was Doubtful. Have doubts. We are now seeking new mountains and drenched forests in Madagascar. Oh look, another Sound up ahead. Forecast is for rain. Of course, it is. I’m tired. It isn’t easy being a small bear steering a big ship. I want to dry my hat. I need coffee.


HB Bear writing in Ships’s Log.
Stardate: .. What? What the great sleeping bears is a ‘star date’? Today is today, of course. We are off the coast of somewhere. Captain Angus has gone below to wring out his stuffing and get dry. Also muttered something about penguins, you just can’t trust them, and coffee, give me coffee. The ship is now in my paws. How do you steer this thing? Where is Madagascar? Who drew these charts? Oh look, green crayon and orange crayon and red crayon. Those are my favorites too.

HB Bear writing in Ships Log.
I seem to have steered all wrong. Supposed to be staying safely away from land. Aiming straight for mountain sides instead. Oh dear. Angus! Where are you, Captain Angus? Oh well, at least it’s not raining so much. Maybe if I steer all the way through this wiggly gap in the mountains, we will come out on the other side at Madagascar.

HB Bear writing in Ships Log.
Starting to enjoy this. I’ve steered this way and steered that way and not hit anything yet. Just look at all these waterfalls. There were seals on the rocks before. They looked like rocks on the rocks but they were seals. Wow, I love this place. Found a new chart. It is not scrawled in crayon. The chart says Milford Sound and New Zealand. I wonder if Captain Angus will come back up to the helm? I wonder if Angus will bring me coffee? I wonder if Madagascar is close to New Zealand.

HB Bear writing in Ships Log.
Captain Angus seems to be sleeping. I don’t mind. I love steering this big ship. I’m going to be a big-ship-steerer one day. Still haven’t hit anything yet. The rain is clearing! Oh look, a huge hill and waterfalls everywhere. I will just take my paws off the helm and run over to the rail to take a selfie. Oh yes! That’s me. Do you see me. Thats funny. The land is getting closer. Its getting closer fast. The land is coming straight for us. Oh no! we’re running aground!


Oops. Captain Angus is going to spill his coffee. Perhaps I ought not to have taken selfies while driving. Angus will not be happy with me. Oh dear. If only we had run aground on Madagascar.