What is it that makes the Attack at Fromelles resonate with Australians? ‘Don’t forget me, cobber’

Fromelles Anniversary Book Bundle.
What is it that makes the Attack at Fromelles resonate with Australians? Fromelles Anniversary Book Bundle from Odyssey Books comprises three fascinating WWI stories from Australian authors July 19-20, 1916 The Battle of Fromelles was Australia’s first action on the Western Front. It was disastrous. Arguably the worst 24 hours in Australian […]

Don’t forget me, cobber

Clare Rhoden, who wrote the above blog post, is the author of the novel, The Stars In The Night. Nora waits through the years for Harry to come home. But he harbours fears whether she can accept him after what he has been through. Eddie hopes for a life with French girl Claudelle. It is a story too of love between men, between the brothers-in-arms, Harry and Eddie, Wallis, Hartigan, Alex. From Gallipoli to Flanders the war thunders over all of them like the endless numbing artillery barrages. But it does not end for them when the guns fall silent. My review is here.

Another novel about WW1 that I have reviewed here on this blog ‘Nursing Fox‘ by Jim Ditchfield which focuses on the nurses who worked in field hospitals closer to the trenches than many people realise. You can read about it here.

Acknowledgement: The graphics shown here are by courtesy of Clare Rhoden and Odyssey Books.

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