Mountaineering Bears Traverse Suilven

Mountaineering at its grandest. See Scotland. Be amazed by these intrepid bears. Grab your ropes, read on, and conquer the peaks!

These adventures are brought to you by Munroe, a bear with no fear of heights. (Mawson has climbed as many as four cushions but isn’t quite as skilled a climber as Munroe). Be sure to visit Munroe’s Web Den for all his climbs.

Munro The Mountaineering Bear

This summer four experienced members of the Mountaineering Bears and three instructors from Bear Lodge School of Bear Mountaineering set out for an adventure in the mountains of Assynt in North West Scotland. They planned to climb the two summits of Suilven Caisteal Liath and Meall Meadhonach .

The Route

The Team

Left to Right. Corbett, Emma, Archie, Miss Twiggy, Endon, LBB, Munro

As they prepare for their adventure the team were looking forward to exploring nature and some fine mountain views. They were also excited about making new pals as they worked together to tackle the challenges that lay ahead.

Big Ted the Principal of Bear Lodge has some advice for the furry adventurers ‘Have an exciting time, but don’t take unnecessary risks and don’t let the team get separated’

The bears started their adventure from Inverkirkaig and on route make a small diversion to visit the falls…

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