Edward Explores: London in the time of Covid

Hello Fellow Baffled Ones.

Jackie Law writes a popular and entertaining review blog called Never Imitate. Way back when our Mawson was finding his way as a writer-bear, Jackie and Edward (see picture below) and his friends kindly looked at his first book, Its A Bright World To Feel Lost In. Edward gave it paws up for fellow bears- and all who love them.

Now Edward emerges himself in a series of little posts about his own adventures in the bright world. Click on below to read this ‘Reblog’ and you will also see more of his posts too. Enjoy.

(You can also find Jackie on Twitter at @followthehens, and on Bookstagram, sorry, Bearagram .. umm .. on Instagram at @neverimitate.)


As mentioned in the last post in this occasional series for fellow teddy bear appreciators, Edward was very excited to be taken on an adventure that required a train journey earlier this month. He travelled to London where he hoped to visit several of his favourite attractions. Sadly, some were either closed to visitors or […]

Edward Explores: London in the time of Covid

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