Court of the Grandchildren by Greg Finlayson and Michael Muntisov

A thoughtful review of a novel about the biggest challenge of our time.

Cosmic Latte

‘The sweep of time took me away. I saw myself in a distant place. In a cavernous room. My face was wrinkled, my breath rapid, my muscles tense. I sat waiting … waiting for the assembled to come to order … waiting as the vaguely familiar faces prepared to speak … waiting for the judgment from my own grandchildren.’

I was holding my breath till the last second! A truly gripping, enthralling, and powerful novel…

The court of the grandchildren Is set in the futuristic world of 2059, one in which chaos and damage caused by climate change are rampant. But while the story might concern the future It is actually a poignant critique of the present. The story begins when Lily gets a call from her great uncle David, whom she has never met before. Interestingly both our main characters are brought together by David’s wish…

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