Office Ratty 2021: A plush rat Odyssey

Fellow baffled ones. May I introduce to you … dum dum dum .. dum dum DUM … Da da dahhh DUMMMMMM ..

.. Office Ratty, heroic plodder through daily life, office work and dreary commuting.

Office Ratty, our hero, rising to the challenge of a new day.

By night, he is a meek and mild Ratty, keeping himself snug and comfortable in Mawson Bear’s House. By day he goes out into the Wide World. Oh yes, he then becomes just one the thousands of office-rattys the world over. He starts well enough with just a tiny sip, or perhaps seventy or eighty sips of caffeine and affirms to himself that he will make this day a Good Day.

Just a sip or perhaps seventy six sips of double shot caffeine to get started.

Despite his best intentions, however, the day seems to drag on and on, and the work seems to pile up no matter how much he gets done, and our hero gets grumpier by the minute.

The long office work day drags on and Office ratty gets grumpy

From time to time we will bring you observations and tales of our Office Ratty’s life. Stay tuned!

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