Mawson Bear’s Guardian

 Baffled Bear Books  (ABN 47887910119.)

This means, after humanely removing the numbers, Mark, Guardian of Mawson Bear, who lives close to the very fridge where Mawson spends a lot of time looking for Honey-Choco-Milo-Creams. Mawson feels sure they’re in there.

The fridge is in Perth, Western Australia, where the weather is not what you’d expect a polar-kind-of-bear to have to bear.  Could this fact be connected to the lolling, flopping, sitting and snoozing that goes on all over the house?  (And that’s just by Guardian Mark.)

Mawson has the glamorous job of Pondering.
Then he and his friends (“the Bunch”) have the fun of posing for their pictures. The pictures show what Mawson’s Ponders would look like if you could see a Ponder.

Mawson leaves the trickier typing to his Guardian while he takes care of the trickier napping.  He’s good at the napping. You can read more about our Ponderer-in-Chief, Mawson, over at his own Web Den called .

B-mail: Your excited questions about Mawson’s books are welcome
at:  mawsonbear  @  .

BW A little Book


Our publisher is Publisher Obscura, where you can find picture books for Grownups. It’s an imprint of Odyssey Books at .

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