Web Dens for Sharing


Our brave publisher: www.publisherobscura.com an imprint of  www.odysseybooks.com.au

Mawson’s first Book:  It’s a Bright World to Feel Lost In

A good place to get it (free worldwide shipping) is BookDepository.com

Mawson’s own web den: www.mawsonbear.wordpress.com

We support Bear Sanctuaries set up by:  The Free the Bears Fund.

And we like a Purrfect Start to our day at The Daily Mews.com.

Friend Diesel Bear lives here at: iamdieselbear.wordpress.com.

Mawson on Twitter:  See @MawsonBear

Mawson’s Guardian on Twitter:  See @baffledbearbook

BeeBear, Mawson’s winged friend, on Twitter: See @Beebearsperth

Mawson’s Guardian on Instagram: @MawsonBear

Mawson’s Guardian on Google Plus

Mawson’s Guardian at Good Reads

Mawson’s Guardian at Pinterest


To ask Mark or Mawson all about Other Things, B-Mail us at

mawsonbear @ bigpond.com 

Baffled Bear Books ABN: 4787910119

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