The Wheeled Nomads

Has everybody hit the road but us?
Have all our peers contracted wanderlust?
They scorn to pay
A mortgage rate,
From suburbs they
And leave we Stay-At-Homers
in their dust.
They ceased their dreary jobs, and left home.
Now down the endless open road they roam.
No plants to water,
Lawns to mow,
Caravans they'd rather tow.
The bonds of static life they've cut and thrown.

Seems many have converted bus or van.
Now they cruise like sailors on the land.
On highways, byways,
Road and track,
They rove - and they show
No regrets. 
Oh, they go where they will
 Just 'cause they can.

They've hurled away the ironing board and suit.
Of deadlines they no longer care a hoot.
They're tramping trails,
Pitching tents,
Fingers raised
To city rents,
Happy in their hiking packs and boots.
They've hit the road,
Those Jacks and Jills.
They range the plains
And grind up hills,
No longer merely cogs
In the machine.
Of their days
They make the most,
And they can claim
the ringing boast,
That everywhere
we want to go -
They've been!
Let's also go! 
Let's join the Nomads Grey.
Why keep slogging on
Each routine day,
Why drive blood pressure
Until we fast
Go! Rev up the RV
And roar away.
Of course, we'd only take
the bare necessities:
Favourite pillow, laptops,
Sixteen types of cheese,
Satellite TVs,
Wesuit, paddle board,
Kayak, scooter,
Coffee grinder,
Tackle, rope,
Outdoor cooker,
Prescription lenses,
Tyres (spare),
Dryers and shampoos for hair .... Errr, hang on, hang on ..

But would we really take all this?
Let's stay home in comfy bliss.

You are at Mark’s blog called Baffled Bear Books. Mark is a dark coffee tragic, bibliophile and Guardian of Mawson Bear, a Ponderer of Baffling Things and one of this bright world’s few published bears.

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