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Table Top Wargaming in the 1970s

Fifty years ago when this world was very young, your correspondent’s hobby was War Gaming. I don’t mean shootups on a screen at implausible digitalised foes. There were no screens then; we’re talking about the dark ages here, the 1970s. No,…

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Safe Inside Old Bear: A Humm

You guard them as they laugh and grow,Till, big and strong and brave,They dash off to excitements,Without a backward wave. They plan, they build, they fill their world,Till one hard night they yearn,Quite suddenly, to be safe Home.And softly they return.…

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I’m Mark, Guardian of Mawson the Writer-Bear (See more on Page called Guardian). Mawson and I loll about on cushions in Perth, Western Australia. We have made 3 books (I had to help a lot) and also done the illustrations for another book called When A Brave Bears Fights Cancer by Carola Schmidt

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