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Rebecca: Misrepresented Romance

During last month’s obsession with Bluebeard, I discovered Bronte’s Jane Eyre and du Maurier’s Rebecca are considered ‘romanticised’ Bluebeard tales. I love Bluebeard (particularly Anglea Carter’s retelling, the Bloody Chamber) because it calls out violence (both within and external to us)…

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The Galah In The Reflection

Kevin and Kylie (as I overheard them by the garden water cooler. I have parrot-phrased as closely as possible). Kevin: ‘Hey, Kylie, there’s another parrot down in the water here. Right below me. Look’. Kylie: ‘Oh, Kev, that’s you, ya daft…

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I’m Mark, Guardian of Mawson the Writer-Bear (See more on Page called Guardian). Mawson and I loll about on cushions in Perth, Western Australia. We have made 3 books (I had to help a lot) and also done the illustrations for another book called When A Brave Bears Fights Cancer by Carola Schmidt

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