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Mawson Bear’s Guardian Mark speaks: As you know our Mawson is a Writer-Bear. His brand new book is called Dreamy Days and Random Naps. It’s about slowing down, indulging in big dreams of a grand world, and resting on cushions. Just perfect for all the tired daydream-believers who want to give themselves permission to relax for little while – or even longer.

I’m sure many busy, frazzled grownups would enjoy escaping for a peaceful half hour into this cosy world – If only they knew about it. And this is the same for every writer: if only readers knew about their books!

Writers need your help. When you are quiet sort of writer (or a quiet writer-bear) it is not easy to be heard out there in the wide world. YOU, the all-powerful reader, can help. You can post your own review about a book on one of the book-retailer websites. Here are some: Amazon and Good ReadsBarnes and Noble (USA), and Booktopia (Australia) and Library Thing . (There are more listed below.)

How to do it: Go to your chosen retailer and search for the book title, or author name, or ISBN number. After you find the book, scroll down past the book’s description and click on the field headed ‘Leave A Review’, or ‘Write Your Own Review’. If you haven’t before used that book retailer you need to register to do so. This is a couple of minutes of bother, I know.

Smiting away at the Star Ratings. But now comes the fun! Have a bash at the ratings. If you are an excitable sort of person, or if you love the book, keep on smiting. Smite Thrice!!! Smite Fourfold!!!! And, yea even unto Five times!!!!!  

Our Scotland the Brave charges at the ratings and bashes away

You can post your review on other sites too: Having tasted your awesome power, why stop there? You can copy and paste your review to any other on-line retailer, to as many as you like, depending on how mighty waxeth your smiting arm that day.

Other ways to help writers that cost nothing: Look at the reviews left by other readers and click “helpful” or “like’. Share the links about that book all over the place. You can look at the writer’s other titles too. If you are not able to buy one just now, add to a ‘Wish List.’ On GoodReads you can add to your “want to read’ list. These actions tell the websites’ algorithms that people are taking notice. It all adds up. And up. And UP. And it means lots of people will fall in love with our Dreamy Days and Random Naps (and the other books you review, of course) just like you. All writers will be grateful for these things which you can do in a jiffy.

Can you help with Mawson’s Dreamy Days and Random Naps?

Please let me know if you would like to do a review for Dreamy Days and Random NapsI can send you a PDF version. Short remarks are fine. It is, after all, a little book. Or just bash away at those star ratings.

Where to find Dreamy Days and Random Naps

Dreamy Days and Random Naps is at Amazon everywhere, at Amazon Australia (where Mawson sleepily lives), at BookDepository, at Barnes and Noble, at Dymocks, at Booktopia, at Walmart, at AbeBooks, at Loot (South Africa), Mighty Ape (New Zealand), Google Books, at Booklubben, and at Bookshop.org, and more. Our publisher is Odyssey Books.

Your host, Mark, is Mawson Bear’s Guardian, photographer, editor, blundering typist, chocolates fetcher and cushions re-arranger. Baffled Bear Books ABN: 4787910119.

Dreamy Days and Random Naps by Mawson Bear

‘Dream. And dream big!’
Thank you, Hina, for this kind review.

Take a look at more reviews by Hina at her blog by following the link.

Hina Loves To Read

Goodreads synopsis

Dreamy DaysMawson Bear awakes and ponders on the art of creative napping. Scotland the Brave imagines doing great deeds. Professors Caddy and Bree hold the highest hopes for their visionary inventions. Samantha sees wondrous things all round her. The Seekers journey all the way to the edge of the world, being sure to return, of course, by bedtime.

Flop down and relax awhile with Mawson and his drowsy friends. Refresh the soul in the tranquility of simple joys and innocent dreams.

Rating and Review

Teddy BearTeddy BearTeddy BearTeddy Bear

Sometimes I find it difficult to word a review because even though the story of the book leaves me with a message, it is hard to pass it on forward to your all.

So, I am going to keep it small here as well and let you get to the book itself. Following is what I have absorbed from the book:

  1. Dream. And, dream big!

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Create Your Own Calm by Meera Lee Patel @meeraleepatel @omarabooks @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours #CreateYourOwnCalm

Mawson approves of creating calm. His personal favourite way is a long nap.


Create Your Own Calm: a journal for quieting anxiety written and illustrated by Meera Lee Patel, publisher Michael O’Mara Books, is available NOW in paperback format.

Book Blurb

From the bestselling author ofStart Where You Arecomes a beautifully illustrated and integrative journal for easing the everyday anxieties we all carry.

Feeling anxious, uncertain, or overwhelmed?You’re not alone. In this empowering new tool forself-care,popular artist and author Meera Lee Patel presents a fresh approach to feeling better. Designed to help us better understand and dial down the everyday worries getting in our way, these thoughtful and beautifully illustrated journal pages are a safe space for reflection, insight, and the freedom to move forward with more clarity and joy.

Bringing togetherinspiringquotes from great thinkers and writers throughout history with engaging journal prompts and plenty of room to capture your thoughts, the book is a calming…

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Who is this Writer-Bear named Mawson? He is a pondering author for our befuddled times

Do you sometimes feel a bit muddled about, well, Things ?

Sometimes rather ruffled when Things just go and, well, Happen ?

Sometimes feel confused one moment and completely baffled the next?

It’s not easy being Grownup. All this business of having to be sophisticated and industrious all day long! It just wears you down. But when you arrive in Mawson’s cosy world, the frazzled reader can flop down among the cushions and relax. Make your world a world of calm, for a little while anyway.

Listen to the quiet

Dreamy Days and Random Naps is Mawson’s latest little book stuffed with happy moments. If you are a daydream believer in a world still bright despite everything, then this book is for you.

Here you can find the answers to just about nothing at all. You can forget you ever had questions anyway. Mawson and his friends are befuddled about most things most of the time – just like so many of us. And that’s all right.

In She Ran Away From Love, by Mawson, his little friend Frilly feels hopelessly baffled by Big Questions. But does she give up? No! She sets out on a quest. See where it takes her.

‘Writing about love, dreams, happiness, and finding your own identity is all found within this short happy book.‘ Review on Amazon UK.

And in his first book, It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In , Mawson attempts to put into words that mysterious feeling of Feeling Lost.


It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In” is a book about optimism, searching for new adventures and making the most of life and love’. Review on GoodReads by Debbie Young, author of the Sophie Sayer Mysteries.

Our publisher is OdysseyBooks where you can find fun and beautiful books with pictures for grownups.

Where to find Mawson’s Books: At Amazon everywhere, including at Amazon India, and at Amazon Australia (where Mawson Lives), Amazon UK and Amazon France, among others.

If you would rather not use Amazon, Mawson’s book are all over the place. Try BookDepository, or Barnes and Noble, or Dymocks, or at Booktopia, and soon to be at more.

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A Single Light, by Patricia Leslie: monsters prowl the Australian highlands

‘When Rick Hendry is contacted by a federal agent to help investigate a growing number of mysterious vanishings across Australia, he finds himself immersed in a world where normal is a very narrow view of reality. The two men are joined by a doctor, an archeologist, a journalist, and an Afflur Hunter.’ 

They soon discover that in the bush, south of Sydney, among the beach goers, walkers and picnickers, a menace grows. The mysterious Bledray monsters are preparing for a Gathering; a feast of epic proportions. Only the Afflur Hunter and Guardians can stop them, but their strength is failing and humans are needed to help prevent a second holocaust’. 

A Single Light is an urban fantasy tale of ghoulish monsters and non-human protectors battling to save humanity amid the spectacular and rugged landscapes of the Royal National Park south of Sydney.‘ From Back Cover.

Reporter Gabriella worries about the state of her colleague Rick Hendry who is clearly not sleeping well. It turns out he doesn’t want to sleep because in sleep he dreams – and the dreams terrify him.

‘There was something out there, taking people ..’ p.36. Officer Anthony Biglia.

Biglia comes across an expose written by Hendry and believes that the reporter can help him. They swap their theories. Jamie Morell finds abnormalities in the victims’ blood. None of them can work out how and why eight people are dead.

‘All are equal in the face of eternal hunger.’

For the Bledray, Maliak, Moriah, Jedidiah and Laeh, the humans exist only to be protected or to be hunted. On the plains below the high country lie millions of souls, a feast to gorge on.

‘ She ran then, urgency gripping her as the screaming of dying souls mixed with the stars and faded into oblivion.’ p. 136

I found that the hunger of the creatures is somehow believable- it’s the idea of insatiable appetite taken to extremes. The sense of menace grows as the hunters of souls and the hunters of Bledray converge upon one another until there is a climatic encounter as bush fire rages. (The fire scenes seemed particularly struck me in the light of the huge fires in NSW last summer covering some of the same ranges.) The author’s attention to detail and sense of place in the descriptions of these highlands in serves to ground the story. You can read more about Patricia Leslie and her work at her website  patricialeslie.net.

Patricia LeslieA Single Light_a novel by Patricia Leslie_The beach almost deserted

Where to find A Single Light: From the publisher Odyssey Books. Also at Amazon Australia, at Amazon USA, at BookDepository, at Barnes and Noble, at Chapters Indigo, Waterstones, Booktopia and more. Or ask your friendly local bookshop to obtain it for you.

Patricia Leslie also wrote The Ouroborus Key, an absorbing blend of Sumerian mythology, esoteric Templar secrets, and a detective story. This makes for a fascinating combination as you can see from my review here.

The graphics shown here are courtesy of the author and of publisher Odyssey Books.

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The Esme Trilogy: Esme’s Gift, by Elizabeth Foster

A parade of craft cruised the lagoon: gilt-edged ferries and gondolas in jewel-like colours – dazzling blues, crimsons, emerald greens. Sea dragons looped above the rooftops, twisting their sinuous forms … . Esme’s Gift Ch. 3.’

Mark, guardian of Mawson Bear says: Oh dear, our world is not in its finest shape right now, is it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be elsewhere. Fortunately, I have to hand Esme’s Gift, the sequel to Esme’s Wish (see my review here and my re-visit here) and I can plunge once more into another world and see again the towers of the city of Esperance and the siren islands of Aeolia.

Esme returns to Aeolia after her failed attempt to convince her father to join her. The evil Nathan Mare is at large and intent on finding the secret knowledge entrusted to her. But high-school waits for no teenager, and in the classrooms and library of Pierpont school she can find friends and allies. And what a library it is.

(Ancient gondalas) repurposed into shelves, lined the library’s walls … No longer fit to carry passengers, they now carried books to the shores of the readers’ minds. Esme’s Gift Ch. 12.’

Esme must gather the strange ingredients of the only elixir that can save her mother. To obtain these elements takes all her courage and all the combined gifts and powers of her friends. But some people are not who they seem to be, and the tension never lets up.

Esme’s Wish and Esme’s Gift are written by Elizabeth Foster with the ‘Young Adult’ audience in mind. But if you happen to be older (after all, some of us have yet to find a potion to wind back the years – and if the high risk alchemical experiments in Esperance are anything to go by, we should stay well away from any such potions or concoctions, or who knows what could happen!) .. if you are an older reader who loves beguiling fantasy worlds and tales of ghosts and of quests into caverns guarded by monsters and ghouls, and if you also don’t object to dragons .. The books of the Esme trilogy will be a treat for you.

Reading of Esperance in Aeolia, a realm of seas, islands, lagoons, oh – and dragons.

Where to find this other world: Esme’s Gift is published by Odyssey Books, a small press where ‘books are an adventure’. You can immerse yourself in this trilogy by looking at Amazon Australia, at Amazon USA, at Book Depository , at Barnes and Noble, and more. You can see more about Esme’s search for her mother and about the author, Elizabeth Foster, on her web den.

You have wandered into Mark’s blog. I am guardian and photographer for Mawson Bear, one of this bright world’s very few Writer-Bears. Mawson wrote She Ran Away From Love and It’s A Bright world To Feel Lost In.
Reviews about Mawson’s books: ‘Great book, well written and extremely engaging. Bonus it is all about bears!!!! Marvellous !!!!!!!’  Reviewer Navaron on Amazon. ‘ A magical little grand tour into the meaning of happiness’ Sharrie Williams, author, on Amazon.

All Because Of You: Fifteen tales of refuge and hope, by Isobel Blackthorn, author of The Canary Island Mysteries

This powerful collection of stories hit me hard, and I think it will leave you, like it did me, thoughtful about relationships and events in your own life, and also about people you may have known, even perhaps  have tried to help.

Most of the tales are narrated in the first person and by women. They seek escape from abuse and manipulation, and not always from male husbands and ‘lovers’. One tormentor turns out to be a therapist, another a female ‘friend’. We meet survivors bonding as they huddle in the soul-destroying shelters. We watch on as mothers, themselves survivors of dire relationships, struggle  to save their daughters from also being undervalued and misused.

The stories are permeated and to some extent driven by the conviction of so many victims of bullying and abuse that the blows dealt to them are somehow their own fault. This tenuous grasp of self esteem, even when a person has perhaps had years of space to feel safe again, is vividly portrayed in ‘Bad Good Friday’. A woman tries to cudgel up a sense of grief for her dead father, who was apparently, at best, a cold man, while all the long night someone’s locked up dog howls with its own misery.

The later tales have a lighter touch which leads you out from the others with a sense of relief, even a smile. Two are narrated by men and one in the third person, and while this change in form might seem at first discordant, I found it fitting. A wounded person often needs a wholly different perspective – usually that of someone who at last cares, to find the sense of hope the sub-title of these stories refers to.

Where to find it: First published in 2012, All Because of You can be now be found at Amazon. There is also a Large Print edition available. Note that the different formats (Paperback, Kindle and Large Print) have different covers.

Isobel Blackthorn has set several of her novels on the Canary Islands, beginning with The Drago Tree (reviewed here). Her Canary Island Mysteries include A Matter of Latitude  and Clarissa’s WarningYou can learn more about the novels and stories by Isobel Blackthorn  at her website.  

You are at Baffled Bear Books, the blog of Mark, guardian and blundering typist for Mawson Bear, Ponderer of Baffling Things and one of this bright world’s few published bears. Mawson is writer bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In.

She Ran Away From Love by Mawson

‘It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or a child, it’s beautiful and teachs a beautiful lesson. Live your life at its fullest. Just go for it. Love your life, love yourself. Just be who you are and who you want to be.’

A kind review of Mawson’s book ‘She Ran Away From Love’ , posted by BookMeSometime.

Book Me Some Time

It’s my second blog tour and I am so excited as I loved it the first time. I would like to welcome the author/publisher for sending me this book in exchange for a honest review.

You can find the owner of the bears on this website. The bears and their owners live in Australia.

Frilly is scared but she wants to discover the great Out There. She is supported by her friend Mawson through her journey to self-discovery.

It’s a really cute story that anyone can read. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or a child, it’s beautiful and teach you a beautiful lesson. Live your life at its fullest. Just go for it. Love your life, love yourself. Just be who you are and who you want to be.

I was really touched, and my heart was full of love while reading this really serious but…

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Return to Aeolia: Refresh your soul in the realm of Esme’s Wish

Tears pricked Esme’s eyes. Her mother had vanished, without trace, when she was eight. No one know what had really happened to her- or so they said. Esme’s Wish. Ch. 1.’

Mark, guardian of Mawson Bear says:
Another dreary Monday. I popped my head out from the pillows and saw that my Grownup ‘real’ world was not in it’s finest state. Longing to immerse myself in another realm, I picked up Esme’s Wish (which I reviewed here), to read once again on the commuter ride to work.

Esperance appearing to be drifting on the lagoon’s surface, as if its hold on existence was so tenuous that it could slip back into the depths at any moment. High above the city, sinuous shapes pinwheeled across the sky … Dragons. Esme’s Wish Ch.3.’

Not that Aeolia is trouble free either, far from it. Evil characters disrupt the harmony and the city of Esperance is crumbling from earthquakes. The mystery of her lost mother just gets deeper no matter how far Esme investigates nor how many dangers she faces.

A loud cry derailed Esme’s train of thought. Her head whipped up. A rush of feathers filled her vision. The sea eagle was streaking down toward her, it’s sharp talons poised, ready to strike. Esme’s Wish Ch.3.’

Aeolia, even so, was a welcome haven for me from Year of The Covid for a week of train rides and lunch breaks. All too soon, I turned the last page. The wind-played harps and song spells faded, and the horrible upsets of Grownup Reality shoved themselves again into my mind.

Esme’s Wish and Esme’s Gift are written by Elizabeth Foster with the ‘Young Adult’ audience in mind, and as Esme and her friends are aged about 15, it is rightly finding a wide readership there. Why then, do I recommend these books to those of us older than fifteen (in my case far older). Why, that is, apart from your certain appreciation of this well crafted fantasy world with its own myths, history and songs, the believable characters, the well paced plot, the fine literary language and, oh, the dragons? Didn’t Tolkein say that he longed for a world in which there were dragons? Don’t we all.

We read, in the end, to not be entirely stuck in the ordinariness or the troubles of our own lives, and I have found Young Adult books and even some children’s books (think of the Narnia Chronicles) to do this as well for me, and often better, than Adult books can do. Oh, I still appreciate the novels written with the mature, sophisticated, world weary and somewhat cynical reader in mind (ie me); but another world entirely, like Aeolia, suits me very much these days. Perhaps many of you feel the same.

ESME 2409
The island of Esperance in Aeolia, a realm of seas, islands, lagoons, oh- and dragons.

Fortunately, I have to hand Esme’s Gift, the sequel to Esme’s Wish, and I can soon plunge down once more into other far places where I would rather be, the towers of the city of Esperance and the siren islands of Aeolia. Why not get your copies now and join me there.

Where to find this other world: Esme’s Wish is published by Odyssey Books, a small press where ‘books are an adventure’. You can immerse yourself too in the world of Aeolia by looking at Amazon here, at Book Depository and at Barnes and Noble. You can see more about Esme’ search for her mother and about the author, Elizabeth Foster, on her web den.

You have wandered into Mark’s blog. I am guardian and photographer for Mawson Bear, one of this bright world’s very few Writer-Bears. Mawson wrote She Ran Away From Love and It’s A Bright world To Feel Lost In.
Reviews about Mawson’s books: ‘Great book, well written and extremely engaging. Bonus it is all about bears!!!! Marvellous !!!!!!!’  Reviewer Navaron on Amazon. ‘ A magical little grand tour into the meaning of happiness’ Sharrie Williams, author, on Amazon.

Your Review is Very Welcome in a Writer’s Neighbourhood

Did you know, Fellow Baffled Ones and Gentlebears, that you can leave reviews of books? You don’t have to be a formal reviewer. You can just plonk down what you think about a book. You can say a lot or say a little. It would be so wonderful if you do some reviews.

Each review is wanted,
Each review is good,
Your review is welcome
In a writer’s neighbourhood.

Why your help matters:  In these days of (shudder) Algorithms all forms of recognition for a book matter. They are all noted. They all add up. Likes, Shares, Mentions, Clicks on buttons that say ‘Helpful’- they all get taken into account by these (shudder) Algorithms. But the most helpful thing of all is a REVIEW.

YOUR review matters so much that I would send every reviewer a block of chocolate* if I could, smudged by tears of gratitude. Your review not only tells other purchasers of Grand Books about (cough) mine, but they also jump up the rankings and the visibility and all that sort of thing.

It’s easy, really it is:  Some reviews kindly given for It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In have been only a line. Two lines. A few more lines. Click here to see examples, real reviews on Amazon dot Com.


It’s fun to have a bash: If you are stuck for something to say, simply bash away on the star ratings. They all get counted by those (shudder) algorithms. Here Sir Scotland The Brave shows how to stab most valiantly at the ratings.

Where to do reviews: With most of your favourite retailers: Amazon or Goodreads or Barnes and Noble or Dymocks or Booktopia or LibraryThing or Walmart. Mawson Bear’s books are at all these retailers – this bear gets around!

Click Like: While you are at these websites, you can also run your eye down the page to the reviews left by other fine people, and click on the  ‘Helpful’ or ‘Like’ buttons beneath them.

The awesome power of ‘playing’ on your device:  Every Share, Like and Mention on your social media helps; yes, the (shudder) algorithms note it all.  Keep them coming and Mawson’s books, and the books of all writers, can keep bravely going out into the wide bright world.

Writer-Bears love reviews too: Mawson’s own books are She Ran Away From Love and It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In. Soon, he will also bring you a book on a subject dear to every dreamy, imaginative reader (that surely means you!) It’s called Dreamy Days and Random Naps. It’s not quite ready yet. More news soon.

*I was thinking 78% dark choc with chunks of macadamia and hints of chilli.

You have wandered into the blog by Mark, guardian and photographer for Mawson Bear, one of this bright world’s very few Writer-Bears. Mawson wrote She Ran Away From Love and It’s A Bright world To Feel Lost In.

A Writer-Bear is Interviewed: Mawson meets author Elisabeth Foster

Elisabeth Foster, author of the wonderful books Esme’s Wish and Esme’s Gift kindly interviewed Mawson Bear on her website about his picture books for grownups. Here is the start of Elisabeth’s interview.

‘It’s easy to feel lost and alone in this fast-moving world, and comfort can come from unexpected places. In Mawson Bear’s picture book for adults we meet a wise old bear who offers simple advice that goes straight to the heart. The following interview is with Mawson himself. I have never interviewed a bear before and I was rather nervous but Mawson soon put me at ease, just the way he does for readers in It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In.

Can you tell us what inspired you, Mawson, to go on this Bear adventure?

We bears feel, deep down in our stuffing, that when all the naps are snoozed and the words are said, everything is still grand. That’s why we are such a comfort. But so many people forget this. Many people go down, down, into doubts and worry. They even forget all about us bears. So I pondered one day, between naps, that it would be grand to sort of say comforting things in little books for people.

Plonk a paw here to read the rest of the interview at the website of Elisabeth Foster, author of the wonderful book Esme’s Wish and Esme’s Gift.

Mawson’s first book is called It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In: You can plonk your paw here to read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited in some Amazon regions. And you can buy the Kindle at a 75% discount! Find the print edition there too or see it at Book Depository (free shipping all over the world).

Mawson’ second book is called She Ran Away From Love: Plonk paws here to read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited at some Amazon regions. The Kindle to buy is marked down 75%! It is also at Book Depository (with free shipping all over the world).

And read about author Elisabeth Foster’s books on these links here: Esme’s Wish and Esme’s Gift . If you love Nim’s Island and the Chronicles of Narnia you will enjoy Esme’s adventures. Certainly Mawson loves them.

You have wandered into Baffled Bear Books, a blog by Mark, guardian and photographer for Mawson Bear, one of this bright world’s very few Writer-Bears. Mawson wrote She Ran Away From Love and It’s A Bright world To Feel Lost In.

Cancer Daily Life, by Carola Schmidt, Illustrated by Rafael Antonio

Cancer Daily Life is a bittersweet collection of illustrations that readers highly involved in the C world can relate to, including friends and family of people with cancer.’ From back cover.

Our Scotland The Brave bravely gets chemotherapy while reading Cancer Daily Life by Carola Schmidt. It makes him feel not alone.

Reading Cancer Daily Life

This short, colourful picture book finds the odd things, the weird things, and even the ironic things can bring a guarded smile, during cancer treatment. It’s a little something you could give a friend who is going through cancer, especially when you are lost for words to say to them yourself. (This certainly describes me.) There are ironic reflections on the long days of feeling sick and lonely and terrible. There are little glimpses of the fears to be tackled and the fantasies conjured up during the hard hours of treatment. Recommended as a little splash of colour in the daily life of the “C” world.

Where to find Cancer Daily Life:  Amazon, and Book Depository.

Carola Schmidt, the author, is a Pediatric Oncology Pharmacist and author of several scientific books on paediatric oncology. She wrote Chubby’s Tale: The True Story of a Teddy Bear Who Beat Cancer, illustrated by Frederico Schmidt. Mawson and his friends reviewed it here. Carola also wrote Bald is Beautiful: A Letter for a Fabulous Girl, a book about ‘about love, beauty, happiness, and friendship when going through various changes in our lives ‘. Find it at Amazon and Abebooks.

Rafael Antonio is an illustrator for games, books and comics. To find him, plonk a paw down here for Twitter .

Mark, your host at Baffled Bear Books, is guardian of writer-Bear Mawson. Of Mawson’s book It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In ” was said, “Reading this book is like receiving a great big hug of reassurance and a huge hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows.” Review by Lady Bracknell. Of Mawson’s She Ran Away From Love was said, “‘A magical little grand tour into the meaning of happiness.’ Sharrie Williams, Author of The Maybelline Story.