Over The Rainbow Bridge, A Weekend Story by Trishikh

Hatchu opened his eyes and found himself in a mesmerising meadow of greens. The constant pain in his hind limbs was no more there. Neither was there the nagging agony in his kidneys. He slowly lifted his right leg just a little bit to mark his territory. He was scared, that like every time, there […]

Over The Rainbow Bridge — Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Fellow Baffled Ones, Anipals, and Doggy People: This little story by Trishikh Dasgupta got me teary, but in a good way, and I encourage you to click through to Trishikh’s Website to read and enjoy the whole of it. Lovely illustration too.

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Edward Explores: London in the time of Covid

Hello Fellow Baffled Ones.

Jackie Law writes a popular and entertaining review blog called Never Imitate. Way back when our Mawson was finding his way as a writer-bear, Jackie and Edward (see picture below) and his friends kindly looked at his first book, Its A Bright World To Feel Lost In. Edward gave it paws up for fellow bears- and all who love them.

Now Edward emerges himself in a series of little posts about his own adventures in the bright world. Click on below to read this ‘Reblog’ and you will also see more of his posts too. Enjoy.

(You can also find Jackie on Twitter at @followthehens, and on Bookstagram, sorry, Bearagram .. umm .. on Instagram at @neverimitate.)


As mentioned in the last post in this occasional series for fellow teddy bear appreciators, Edward was very excited to be taken on an adventure that required a train journey earlier this month. He travelled to London where he hoped to visit several of his favourite attractions. Sadly, some were either closed to visitors or […]

Edward Explores: London in the time of Covid

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Your Review is Very Welcome in a Writer’s Neighbourhood

Did you know, Fellow Baffled Ones and Gentlebears, that you can leave reviews of books? You don’t have to be a formal reviewer. You can just plonk down what you think about a book. You can say a lot or say a little. It would be so wonderful if you do some reviews.

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YOUR review matters so much that I would send every reviewer a block of chocolate* if I could, smudged by tears of gratitude. Your review not only tells other purchasers of Grand Books about (cough) mine, but they also jump up the rankings and the visibility and all that sort of thing.

It’s easy, really it is:  Some reviews kindly given for It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In have been only a line. Two lines. A few more lines. Click here to see examples, real reviews on Amazon dot Com.


It’s fun to have a bash: If you are stuck for something to say, simply bash away on the star ratings. They all get counted by those (shudder) algorithms. Here Sir Scotland The Brave shows how to stab most valiantly at the ratings.

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Writer-Bears love reviews too: Mawson’s own books are She Ran Away From Love and It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In. Soon, he will also bring you a book on a subject dear to every dreamy, imaginative reader (that surely means you!) It’s called Dreamy Days and Random Naps. It’s not quite ready yet. More news soon.

*I was thinking 78% dark choc with chunks of macadamia and hints of chilli.

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A Writer-Bear is Interviewed: Mawson meets author Elisabeth Foster

Elisabeth Foster, author of the wonderful books Esme’s Wish and Esme’s Gift kindly interviewed Mawson Bear on her website about his picture books for grownups. Here is the start of Elisabeth’s interview.

‘It’s easy to feel lost and alone in this fast-moving world, and comfort can come from unexpected places. In Mawson Bear’s picture book for adults we meet a wise old bear who offers simple advice that goes straight to the heart. The following interview is with Mawson himself. I have never interviewed a bear before and I was rather nervous but Mawson soon put me at ease, just the way he does for readers in It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In.

Can you tell us what inspired you, Mawson, to go on this Bear adventure?

We bears feel, deep down in our stuffing, that when all the naps are snoozed and the words are said, everything is still grand. That’s why we are such a comfort. But so many people forget this. Many people go down, down, into doubts and worry. They even forget all about us bears. So I pondered one day, between naps, that it would be grand to sort of say comforting things in little books for people.

Plonk a paw here to read the rest of the interview at the website of Elisabeth Foster, author of the wonderful book Esme’s Wish and Esme’s Gift.

Mawson’s first book is called It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In: You can plonk your paw here to read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited in some Amazon regions. And you can buy the Kindle at a 75% discount! Find the print edition there too or see it at Book Depository (free shipping all over the world).

Mawson’ second book is called She Ran Away From Love: Plonk paws here to read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited at some Amazon regions. The Kindle to buy is marked down 75%! It is also at Book Depository (with free shipping all over the world).

And read about author Elisabeth Foster’s books on these links here: Esme’s Wish and Esme’s Gift . If you love Nim’s Island and the Chronicles of Narnia you will enjoy Esme’s adventures. Certainly Mawson loves them.

You have wandered into Baffled Bear Books, a blog by Mark, guardian and photographer for Mawson Bear, one of this bright world’s very few Writer-Bears. Mawson wrote She Ran Away From Love and It’s A Bright world To Feel Lost In.

Some of the best philosophers are bears: Introducing Mawson Bear

Here is some of the text of an interview by Rachel Nightingale, author of The Tales of Tarya, of Mark, Mawson Bear’s Guardian.

Mawson is the proud author of It’s a bright world to feel lost in, published by Publisher Obscura. This is a beautiful philosophical book in the vein of The blue day book by Bradley Trevor Grieve. It is the perfect sort of book to buy as a stocking stuffer or Kris Kringle for someone who likes to muse about life, and who hasn’t lost their sense of whimsy. Mawson ‘s second book is She Ran Away From Love.’

Which writer or writers opened your eyes to the magic of storytelling and why?

‘When young I devoured books by many authors but when it comes to the magic they brought me, I will list those by C.S Lewis (Narnia), Issac Asimov (Sci Fi), and Rosemary Sutcliffe (historical fiction).’

Like most readers, what I sought was to be transported from this world.  With these writers I could be in Norman England winning back a castle during a school break, in the woods of Narnia on a rainy Sunday, or fleeing rogue robots during a long car ride.

What is your greatest magical power as a writer?

‘Shyly he says, ‘I listen to the bears’.

Poets, actors, composers, painters, ‘artistic people’, all speak reluctantly about the heart of creativity. They proffer vague expressions like ‘feeling inspired’, ‘being guided’, ‘trusting the muse’, ‘entering into the role’. What does this mean? I think it’s about listening for ‘something’. Now, this ‘something’ cannot not be analysed or modelled on a flow chart. It’s very shy, and it needs to trust you to respect it. I think the greatest magical power of a writer is to gently –don’t startle it –gently reach out for this ‘something’, gain it’s trust; and then to let characters and story flow on from there.

I listen to my bears. I never know when I’ll hear in a voice as quiet as can be imagined the best ponders framed in the best words; and these are ideas and words that I myself did not have in mind, really I didn’t. When I don’t listen but just grind on, my writing is not right: the voice feels wrong, the images don’t flow, and it is not satisfying’.

For the rest of the interview please visit Rachel Nightingale’s website.

While you are there be sure to read more about the books by this novelist, playright, performer and thespian. Rachel ponders much about the power of story and fantasy in our lives. At her website you can learn more about the Commedia dell’Arte, an inspiration for The Tales of Tarya.

My review of The Harlequins Riddle, the first of those tales, is right here. Columbine’s Tale, Book two of the series, and Book Three, Pierrots’ Song are also out now, published by  Odyssey Books.

The Tales of Tarya is now available at Amazon as a complete Kindle Set!

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You Can’t Go It Alone, by Jessie Cahalin

Jessie Cahalin’s delightful read gives us the ‘ordinary’ worry-wracked decisions and moments of joy in the everyday lives in the village of Delfryn. Each character tries hard to convince themselves they can handle their problems, but none seem able to really go it alone. Then, can any of us?

Jessie Cahalin 3074

Jim is haunted by the loss of his son and wife. Could the visits of little Daisy from next door who loves sunflowers spark new life in him? Daisy’s mother Ruby fears to reveal her illiteracy to her husband Dan, while he conceals from her the troubles of his business. Sophie and Jack, new arrivals in Delfryn, are desperately trying to conceive but unwilling to discuss the strain of the IVF procedures with Jack’s parents nor even with each other. And why have those parents visited in a manner completely out of character? The owners of the village cafe, Rosa and Matteo, at first seem an adoring couple but there seem to be tensions there.

As these people’s lives cross and connect they see where they can help one another and, as importantly, they learn how to accept it themselves.

In this story there occour no explosions, no murders, no car chases – well, apart from the camper van that hurtles toward a school bus. There are no vampires lurking in the woods or undead in the hills or villians plotting for world domination. We are treated instead, as the line on the cover says, to ‘Love, laughter, music and secrets’. I loved it all. Apparently this is the first in a projected series and I am certainly going to buy the next one.

Where to find You Can’t Go It Alone: BookDepository.com, and Abebooks.com and Amazon.

Jessie Cahalin’s fun website is called Books In My Handbag Blog, a must for everyone who loves reviews of books (and photos of handbags).

Mark is guardian for Mawson, one of this bright world’s few published bears. He is the writer-bear of She Ran Away From Love and It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In