Water Cooler Chirping

Kevin and Kylie, as I overheard them by the water cooler (parrot-phrased as closely as possible). Kevin: Hey, Kylie, there’s another parrot down in the water here.   Kylie: Oh, Kev, that’s you, ya daft galah.   Kevin: Oh, now I see, yeah. Crikey, I’m good looking, eh. Check those feathers. Kylie: Lawks! When I think how I dumped Jason for you. Sigh. Kevin: Thinking … Continue reading Water Cooler Chirping

Battle Gaming by Terence Wise: Reflections on table top wargaming

Fifty years ago when this world was young, your correspondent’s hobby was War Gaming. I don’t mean shootups on a screen at implausible digitalised foes. There were no screens: we’re talking about the dark ages here. No, this War Gaming was played out with regiments of miniature figurines on a table covered in green paint or cloth and set up with ‘terrain’ cobbled together from … Continue reading Battle Gaming by Terence Wise: Reflections on table top wargaming

Mark’s Shadow Line: a confession

(As perhaps another indication of an Elder mind, this post somehow wandered into references to Melissa Etheridge and Australian Rules football. Just saying.) The theme of Josef Conrad’s The Shadow Line: A Confession is the shift, as he saw it, from ‘youth’ to ‘manhood’, a change scarcely to be discerned while it happens, but which is later so definite that there is no return. Lacking … Continue reading Mark’s Shadow Line: a confession