Cassandra, by Kathryn Gossow

She dreams of plane crashes, earthquakes, tsunamis, bloody coups. She dreams of the stallion sweeping down the hill … . P. 197 Early in the book author Kathryn Gossow had instilled into me a sense of ‘foreboding’. Like Cassie trying to clarify her visions, I struggled to discern what the feeling of impending trouble was about? Would it concern Paulo, or Athena, or a secret … Continue reading Cassandra, by Kathryn Gossow

Girl In The Attic, by Dan Djurdjevic

‘She’d checked her room three times and yes, the lock on her door was fastened .. She was safe. She finally felt her self drifting off to sleep. Until she heard a cough – a girl’s cough- coming from the attic.’ Rose’s dad started doing pointless things up there in his man-cave attic that didn’t even make the grim space more habitable. Then he quarreled … Continue reading Girl In The Attic, by Dan Djurdjevic