Table top wargaming

Fifty years ago when this world was young, your correspondent’s hobby was War Gaming. I don’t mean shootups on a screen at implausible digitalised foes. There were no screens: we’re talking about the dark ages here. No, this War Gaming was played out with regiments of miniature figurines on a table covered in green paint or cloth and set up with ‘terrain’ cobbled together from … Continue reading Table top wargaming

The Way Home: Ashes of Olympus, Bk 1, by Julian Barr

‘The gods give no more than you can bear. The unfriendly sea shall be your road. A new homeland lies far across the roaring waves’. Kruesa’s ghost to Aeneas, p.44 The first lines of The Way Home plunge us into the night a civilisation was turned to ashes. The Greeks raze Troy.  Trojan leaders are cut down. After trying in vain to save King Priam, young … Continue reading The Way Home: Ashes of Olympus, Bk 1, by Julian Barr

MakeShift Galaxy, by Tash Turgoose

Slipping love between the floorboards, Catching stars as if they’re snow… This book brings poetry to each page, including to the pages with no words. Perhaps by the twentieth read-through I may be able to summon words of my own sufficient to convey its lingering power. But I’m still looking again at the story and illustrations together as presented. At the illustrations alone. The story … Continue reading MakeShift Galaxy, by Tash Turgoose